For ladies 18+   from 10-2pm

Join Frances Duerr and Jean Fulp as they lead you through creating several fun, beautiful cards that you make from pre-cut kits! There will be several card options to choose from on the tables. You choose a style, sit at that table, and create that card. Then you move to the next table/style of choice to create the next card. You may keep the cards you make, or donate them to the card ministry (some people keep half and donate half.)

The ladies work really hard cutting, and assembling the kits before hand, to keep it as simple as possible, so ladies with any skill level can come and have a great time!

Location: Event takes place in building 4 behind the church. Snacks are provided in building 2. NO DRINKS OR FOOD allowed in building 4, during the card party. 

If you are interested in helping prepare for the party or have additional questions, please send an email to Jean and/or Frances at: