Led By: Elaine Muffett. Elaine has a Masters degree in Counseling and Nursing at Liberty University. She enjoys helping and caring for people, and is always ready to listen.
Who: This group is open to anyone, whether you're part of the church, a visitor, or have never been here before. Drop ins are always welcome. Please consider attending at least 3 meetings before deciding if it is right for you. 
What: GriefShare is a group of caring people all going through similar experiences. Grief. Grief of a friend, family, pet, spouse, or child. Learn to share and cope with your grief, and learn to heal. Don’t go through your grief journey alone. 
Cost: $15.00 for optional book
Where: Classroom 100.
When: Every Monday, 6:30-8:00pm
Contact Elaine at grief@CarolinasCornerstone.org