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Calling All Heroes July-Aug 2019

by Pastor Barry Yates

A hero is not only someone who acts in movies and wears fancy clothes or saves his lady love from the bad guys, he is someone who stands for strength, bravery, endurance, and humbleness.

Psalm 16:3 NLT

“The godly people in the land are my true heroes! I take pleasure in them!”

Firefighters, policemen, lifeguards, soldiers, doctors or even a simple man or woman who risk their lives every day to help us with their courage and valor are true heroes. Soldiers fight wars on the borders to keep the civilians safe. Firefighters and policemen fight against criminals and control deadly situations by risking their lives. Ordinary men and women who fight incurable diseases like cancer, AIDS, mental and physical disabilities are also heroes because they have the strength to face life with a strong approach.

All people need heroes in their lives: heroes shape our lives and build our character. God wants us all to be heroes, but we need to choose our roles as heroes carefully by knowing what God expects. Many kids can’t name any adults in their lives as heroes, and people often think of sports stars or celebrities as “heroes.” Here we will discuss how real heroes stand alone for what is right, make sacrifices for others, and take risks for God and for others.

My favorite line in the movie 'Spider-man' was, "…with great power comes great responsibility."

Come spend the summer with us on releasing the Hero inside you!

Make Every Day Count!


Sermon Notes:

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