by Pastor Barry Yates

This Sunday morning we are starting a new series called CARE. This six weeks series we will be looking at CARING for others.

Our contemporary culture is filled with distractions, whether it be technology, work, or busyness in general. Sometimes people are just passing faces we say hello to but don’t really have time for. Showing a caring spirit can seem like a daunting task that we are not always sure we can take on with all our other commitments.

For most people in the world, regardless of what they say, life is about getting as much as you can and doing or being as much as you can. The motto we see is “ME FIRST.” But what about the people around us every day; do we care about their spiritual condition or well-being?

It is often thought that non-Christians are afraid of conversations about God. The truth, though, according to one poll is that 90% of Americans claim to believe in God and 83% claim to be Christians. The good news is most of the work is done. Therefore, non-Christians, unfortunately, are often more afraid of Christians who do not know how to care for others.

Come this Sunday and start learning how to CARE!


A Spiritual Experience!


•...for Others

•...for Growth

•...for Yourself

•...for Helping people

•...for Money

•...poor in spirit

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