Led By: Gerry Moore
Who: Are you a task-oriented person who likes working behind the scenes? Are you looking for a ministry that is vital to the church but doesn't require much time? If so, this is the ministry for you! 
What: We all know that first impressions say a lot and the cleanliness of our campus speaks volumes. It is the mission of the church's cleaning team to rid our facility of dirt, germs and grime on a weekly basis to ensure a welcoming environment for our guests and members on Sunday mornings. Because we have volunteers who clean instead of hiring an outside company, the church is able to direct more funds towards other ministries. That translates into at least $15,000 per year that is used for things like educational material, outreach programs and VBS. You too can easily help fund these and other ministries by volunteering for the cleaning team.
Where: Carolinas Cornerstone Church, Classroom 108.
When: Currently our teams clean once every week, at one of the following times.

  • Friday @ 9 am
  • Friday @ 3:30 pm
  • Saturday 8 am

Contact Gerry at cleaning@carolinascornerstone.org

How You Can Help: We are looking for volunteers (men, women and youth) who are able to give approximately 2 hours on an occasional Friday or Saturday to help keep our church clean. As of now, we have teams of 4 people that clean on a rotating schedule, approximately once every 5 weeks. As we accrue a few more helping hands, and add more teams, the time span between cleanings will expand.