I'll Take Mercy

by Pastor Barry Yates

Has someone ever shown mercy to you?  You may be thinking about a good deed someone has done for you, but that's not what I am talking about. Mercy means “Undeserved forgiveness and unearned kindness”.  I want to invite you to a 7 week message series on Mercy. 
I have discovered that most people don’t understand how merciful God really is.  It explains to me why they are afraid of God.  That’s why they avoid God.  That’s why God is distant to them.  They don’t understand the mercy of God.
When you understand the mercy of God your anxiety will decrease and your peace of mind will increase. Your stress will go down and your stability will go up.  Your frustration in life will be diminished and your satisfaction in life will be increased.
I hope you mark your calendar and join us each week to learn what MERCY really is.
Make Every Day Count!

Sermon Notes

Sept 17  Why do I need mercy?
Sept 24  God uses Mercy
Oct 1      Mercy in Failure
Oct 8      Mercy in Forgiveness
Oct 15    Mercy Matters
Oct 22    Mercy is a Ministry
Oct 29    Agent Mercy