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Jesus is Our Hope

by Pastor Barry Yates

At this time of year stores and malls ring with joyful voices singing, “Joy to the world!” and “Tis the season to be jolly!”  Flashy advertisements depict families gathered around a groaning table or a twinkling tree stuffed with presents.  Churches display a serene, peaceful manger scene with Jesus’ family gathered around Him smiling.  Christmas is shown as a joyful time of family togetherness and celebration.
For many people Christmas is exactly that: a happy time of family, fellowship, food, and merry gift giving.  But for others, Christmas is just the exact opposite.  It can be an intense reminder of lost loved ones or that they have no close family to celebrate with.
Many of us have been in both situations.  I have learned to rejoice that Jesus came to give you something better than the disappointments of life on this earth.  And when by faith you embrace Him and all that He promised, you can have a hope that is no longer a fingers-crossed wish that you harbor in your heart, but rather a confident, courageous optimism that is rooted in the certainty of His Word.
Put your hope in Jesus this Christmas—you won’t be disappointed!
Come spend Christmas with us and learn that Jesus is our HOPE!


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