Joy For Life

This summer we are going to be studying the book of Philippians.  The theme of this letter is JOY! 

Superficial happiness is dependent on circumstances.  Christian joy is clearly different; it is rooted in a person’s relationship with Jesus and it is resilient even in the midst of suffering and death.  Joy comes in knowing that whatever happens, God will use everything for our ultimate good. 
The reason for Paul’s joy was his relationship with Jesus Christ.  As we study his letter to the Philippians, we will observe the testing of that joy in the crucible of Roman imprisonment.  If Paul’s relationship to Christ could bring him joy under those conditions, then surely we who also love the Savior can learn to rejoice in our difficult times as well.

Sermon Notes:
Relationship With Others
Difficult Days
Do Right, No Matter What
Pull Together
Come On, America!
We Have Been Called
Enjoy The Moment
Don't Get Comfortable
Growing Is Hard
Better Together
Don't Stress Out
It Takes Money