*Wednesday 6:30pm: Kids in kindergarten-4th Grade

Who we are: We believe that little kids can make a BIG difference. This class is open to kids in Kindergarten-4th Grade.
What we do: We learn about outreach and missions. We are trying to equip this generation of Christians to not only go to church, but to BE the church. The children learn weekly about the importance of doing something to help someone else. We also do mission projects where we give kids the opportunity to put into action what we teach.
Contact Tiffany McCord at for more information about KidServe

*Shoe Boxes for Missions  Each child is given the opportunity to fill a shoe box full of goodies for a child who is less fortunate.

*World Hunger Project – We do fundraisers to raise money for world hunger. This year we have done an empty bowls project and also raised money through collecting change with rice bowls.

*Annie Armstrong/Lottie Moon Project – We believe it is important to educate our children about these Easter and Christmas offerings. They go to help support our missionaries around the world.

How you can help:

If you would like to be a part of our Wednesday night team we would love to have your help. As our class size grows we can always use extra hands!