Which Door Do I Choose?

by Pastor Barry Yates

Sep 2018

Have you ever walked into a building where there were 4 doors to pick from? You must ask yourself which door do I choose, which is the right door? This is like life sometimes, we have a lot to choose from, but which one is the correct choice for me.

Starting this Sunday (September 16th) we are starting a new series called “Which Door do I Choose?” You and I have to choose to be who God wants us to be. So, let me ask you a question, what matters most in your life? It all starts with God. He embodies truth. What is right and wrong gets its meaning in the character of God himself. Dishonesty is wrong because God is honest. Unfaithfulness is wrong because God is faithful. You can know truth by looking at how God interacts with us.

If you don’t decide what’s important in your life, other people are going to decide for you. They are going to push you into their mold. Learn how to be molded only by The One who made you.

Come and join us for great new series.

Make Every Day Count!


Sermon Titles

September 16th Choose wisely!

September 23rd Which Way?

September 30th Which Team?

October 7th This Door?