Led By: Pastor Barry
Who: Team members do not necessarily need to have specific skills, but will need to perform tasks necessary to help organize, complete, and then tear down various sets and elements. Carpentry, painting, artistic drawing, and creative imagination are looked for and appreciated on this team! If you can sand wood, handle a paint brush or light your way out of darkness, we want you!
What: Our set team has the privilege of helping to create the physical environment in which God's message is presented.
Stage design, videos, creative lighting- these are things that some think of as a waste of time and money. Here at CC we believe set design is a crucial visual way to represent a truth in a physical way that you will remember the rest of the day, the rest of the week, or maybe even the rest of the month!

When you come to our worship service these visual elements let you know we are not a part of the status quo. If the stage or feeling of the room is different- which can be accomplished through stage design and lighting- you will automatically expect something different. If this allows your heart to be more open to God's voice, more open to receiving His message then THAT makes it all worth it.
Sermons- We work together to provide elements that complement the Pastor's sermon series and prepare the people to experience God's Word. We try to create a visual reminder of the message you are hearing through the sermon series.VBS- We prepare unique designs for the stage and worship center for VBS, our yearly Christmas productions and other special events within our church.
Where: Carolinas Cornerstone
When: Whenever there is a new sermon series
Contact Pastor Barry at sets@carolinascornerstone.org if you'd like to fill this position or be a part of the sets team.