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Thank You God

by Pastor Barry Yates

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, our minds turn toward all the things for which we should be thankful.  I don’t know why we are not more thankful all year around, but this particular time of the year makes us more conscious of our blessings.I know that the country is not in the best of shape and some of us could say we have seen better times, still things could be a lot worse, couldn’t they?  So that might be the first thing to be thankful for!

Thanksgiving to God flows out in abundance only from the heart of a Spirit-filled believer.  A Spirit-filled believer will give thanks to God always. Thanksgiving is like breathing-how could we survive if we only breathed just once in a while?  So, we must give thanks when things are going well, but we must also give thanks when we face trouble.

Come join us Sunday as we learn how to be thankful!



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Thank You!

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