What Hand Have You Been Dealt?

by Pastor Barry Yates

The Bible says there is nothing simple about you.  You are very complex.  You are multifaceted.   You are not easy to understand.   You are not easy to explain.  There are many factors and there are many forces that create you.  In Psalm 139:14 Living Bible, David says “Thank you Lord, for making me so wonderfully complex.”  Have you ever played poker?  In five card stud poker you have to play the cards you're dealt.  You don't get to mix and match them.  You don't get to say, I want to play his hand.  You can only play the cards you are dealt.
In many ways this is a metaphor for life, that life is like a hand of poker – that you have got to play the hand you are dealt.  “What hand have you been dealt?”  The Bible tells us a lot about the factors that we are given in life that makes us.

Sermon Notes:
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