Led by: Daved Welborn, Diane McClure, Raoul Rodriguez
When: Wednesday nights 6:15 pm and Sunday 11:00 am
Contact: Pastor Barry if you are led to help with youth. barry@carolinascornerstone.org

Our life groups are not just another Bible study. We encourage students to connect with God and each other as we strengthen our relationship with Christ and the others. We talk about God, topics that our youth face everyday, and how we fit into God's big story. Join us as we share life together.

Life groups meet twice a week, and are broken down by grade. 

The Journey: 9-12 grade   Instructor needed class currently meets with Daved Welborn  wired@carolinascornertone.org

Wired 24/7: 7-8th grade    led by Daved Welborn    wired@carolinascornerstone.org

The Decided: 5-6th grade   led by Raoul Rodriguez decided@carolinascornerstone.org