Do you know that you are an agent for the Lord?  You and I are called to be Agents of Love for the Lord.  We are called to be Agents of Faith for the Lord.  We are called to be Agents of Mercy for the Lord. 

When I was growing up I heard this song called “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers.  “There's a man who leads a life of danger...To everyone he meets he stays a stranger... Ah, be careful what you say... Secret agent man, secret agent man... They've given you a number and taken away your name.”  I know you are tapping your foot right now.  But each one of us is called for a purpose in life; that is to point people to God.

God wants you and I to know and to love Him.  That’s called worship.  He wants you and I to belong to His family.  That’s called fellowship.  He wants you and I to grow spiritually and become like Christ.  That’s called discipleship.  He wants you and I to learn how to serve other people and not be self-centered.  That’s called ministry.  Finally, He wants you and I to share the Good News with other people.  That’s called evangelism.

Mercy has application for every one of those purposes.  The Bible tells us that when you show mercy to other people it’s an act of worship.  It shows you love God.  The Bible says that when you show mercy it builds fellowship.  It brings people together.  The Bible says that when you show mercy you become more like Christ.  You grow spiritually.  The Bible says that when you show mercy it’s a service to other people.  It’s a ministry.  And the Bible says that when you show mercy it is a form of your evangelism (mission) of sharing the Good News.

You fulfill your purpose in life by showing mercy to other people.

Did you know that mercy is God’s number one characteristic in the Bible?  The world portrays God as a God of anger, judgment, cruel, and vengeful.  While the Bible does say that God is angry with the wicked and judges sin, His holy wrath is always tempered by His abundant mercy.

If you ever doubt the mercy of God, just look at the cross.  The bond between God the Father, and God the Son, is closer than any human bond ever could be.  Think of your relationship with your spouse, parents, or children and multiply the strength of that bond exponentially.  That’s just an idea of the kind of love the Father has for the Son.  Yet despite that bond, the Father showed us mercy by sending His Son to die.

God loves you with a loyal love that is full of mercy.  He is not just some cosmic grumpy old man who sits up there in the sky waiting for you to mess up so He can judge you. No, He is a loving father who earnestly desires for you to know and love Him.

But He also gives you and me the responsibility of telling others about Him.  Remember the best way to tell others about His mercy is to demonstrate it every day.  Matthew 5:7 NLT, “God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy” Think about it this way, what you give, you’re going to get.  You have got to learn to be an agent of mercy if you want God’s blessing on your life.

How can I be more merciful? 

Show mercy to others daily.

Ephesians 2:4-5 TEV says, “God’s mercy is so abundant, and his love for us is so great, that while we were spiritually dead in our disobedience he brought us to life with Christ. It is by God’s grace that you have been saved.”  God wants you to pass on the mercy that you have received from him.

It is a command not a suggestion.

Do you want a summary of what life’s all about?  Micah 6:8 GWT “The LORD has told you what is good.  This is what the LORD requires from you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to live humbly with your God.”


If you live you will need mercy too.

You are going to make a lot of mistakes between now and when you get to Heaven, and you are going to need God’s mercy when you do.  But you cannot receive what you are unwilling to give.  James 2:13 NCV says, “You must show mercy to others, or God will not show mercy to you when he judges you.  But the person who shows mercy can stand without fear at the judgment.”

Showing mercy brings happiness.

Matthew 5:7 NIV says that “God blesses those who are merciful.  The word “blessed” also means “happy,” so the more you learn and demonstrate this quality, the more blessed and happier you are going to be.

So, let the world see the love of Jesus Christ both in you and through you.  When you live like that around others, they will see a window to the character of God.

I want to share an old story with you in closing about giving mercy.  An old man was walking the beach early one morning, bending down to pick up starfish and throwing them out into the ocean.  A teenager came by and asked, "Old man, what are you doing?"

"These starfish will die of dehydration once the sun comes up high," he said.  "I'm throwing them back into the ocean so they will live."

"Ha!" the young man spat sarcastically”.  The beach goes on for miles, and there are millions of starfish.  What does it matter what you do?"

The old man looked at the starfish in his hand and then flipped it to safety in the waves. "It matters to this one," he said.

What you do for others does make a difference.  Your acts of mercy matter.  Are you a person of mercy? 

Show others a glimpse of God’s mercy by showing them mercy each moment of the day.

Make Every Day Count!


We need you Sunday don’t stay home!