Whats Your Point Of View

by Pastor Barry Yates

What is your point of view about life?  What type of a person do you what to be?  Over the next eight weeks we are going to look at what is called the “Beatitudes.”  They describe the ideal disciple and his rewards, both present and future.  The person whom Jesus describes in this passage has a different quality of character and lifestyle than those still "outside” the kingdom.  Unless you see the beatitudes as part of this biblical fabric, you will not be able to understand them for what they are. 

But if you do see the beatitudes when all eight are mixed together in a life, balance emerges.  It is helpful to realize this is not a "multiple choice" list where we are free to pick and choose our favorites.  Our Savior has stated very clearly those qualities that lead to a lifestyle that pleases Him.  A close examination of each is therefore essential.

Remember this: Matthew 7:28-29 NLT When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at His teaching, for He taught with real authority—quite unlike their teachers of religious law.”

Sermon Notes:
Depend On Who?
How Do I Look?
I Am Broken Hearted
I Want To Be
I Am Hungry
Have Mercy
Patch Up A Few Things
You Are Crazy