by Pastor Barry Yates

You don’t realize it but every day you are affected and influenced by the worldviews of other people, and the people all around you. The worldviews of your friends.  The worldviews of people you work with.  The worldviews of your parents, co-workers, of the media, celebrities, the people you listen to in school, even teachers.  They have influenced your life in ways that you’re not even aware of.  Not only that, but every day you are influenced by your own worldview.  The fact is that it determines your happiness, it determines your success in life.  It determines what you
feel about life.  It determines your peace of mind, your stress level, and your confidence level. 
We are going to begin a new series that I am calling “World View.”  We are going to look at God’s perspective on life.  What life is really like!  Seeing life from God’s point of view.  And seeing the error in unbiblical worldviews because they have tremendous influence over our life.

Sermon Notes:
The Big Question
What A Mess
What's The Answer?
How To Live
What's The Big Deal?
Truth Decay