by Pastor Barry Yates

Most people when I say the word “worship” they think of music. Like “First we have the worship, then we have the sermon.” As if worship is just music. Yes, singing is one kind of worship. But worship is an entire lifestyle.

The Bible tells us to worship God continually. You can’t sing continually. Worship is far more than just music. Than just singing, than just praise. Every aspect of your life can be an act of worship. Literally every aspect of your life can be an act of worship to God. It is the first purpose of life. You were created to know and love God. That’s called worship.

Come spend the next 5 weeks and learn how Worship can transform your life.

Sermon Notes

May 6, 2018 No Matter What Worship Anyway

May 13th Hurt by life, Worship anyway!

May 20th This does not make sense, Worship anyway!

May 27th This is my life, Worship anyway!

June 3rd Worship will change your life!